Mission Statement

Together with the Brothers' schools world-wide, St. Patrick's Grammar School shares a common mission statement, which is to give a human and Christian education to the young in close partnership with the different groups associated with the school.

These groups comprise the students, parents, teachers, other staff and governors. The aims of the school derive from this mission statement.



St. Patrick's Grammar School provides a Human and Christian education which:

-    Shares the mission of the Catholic Church, by committing itself to live by Gospel values;

-    Pursues the spiritual formation, academic preparation and cultural development of its students;

-    Is characterised by the emphasis which it gives to the education of children who are disadvantaged;

-    Renews and updates itself to respond effectively to the social and religious challenges of today;

-    Recognises and respects the dignity of each individual;

-    Fosters attitudes of tolerance, care, concern for justice and of service to others;

-    Has an agreed code of discipline in place, is well managed, cultivates a welcoming, happy atmosphere and an environment conducive to good learning.   

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