Why Study Health and Social Care

Studying Health and Social Care is an enjoyable and illuminating experience. As a vocational subject it offers students opportunities for the development of the transferable skills necessary in a changing and dynamic working environment. Students will examine the structures which exist within Northern Ireland in the Health and Social Care sectors and explore issues which have regional, national, European and Global dimensions.


CCEA - http://www.rewardinglearning.org.uk/microsites/hsc/gce/specification/as_units.asp

Many students with a GCE Health and Social Care qualification go on to undertake further study and have successful careers in a range of disciplines such as:

Educational Psychologist
 Social Worker
 Health and Safety Officer
 Occupational Therapist
 Health Education Officier
 Speech and Language Therapist


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Contact: Mrs McGuigan (Subject Coordinator)


GCE Health & Social Care


We follow the CCEA specification which consists of two internally assessed pieces of coursework and one externally written examination. The structure of the AS course is summarised in the table below:

 Unit  Assessment  Weighting

 Unit 1 - Promoting Positive Care


 Internal Practical Assessment  33.3% of AS

 Unit 2 - Communication in a Care Setting


 Internal Practical Assessment  33.3% of AS

 Unit 3 - Health and Well-Being

 (Written Exam 2 hours)

 Written Paper: Friday, 10 June 2016


 33.3% of AS


Work experience is a compulsory element of this Subject. Students will go on work placement Monday 19th October to Friday 23rd October 2015. All students must organise their own placement in a Health, Social or Early years setting.

The table below shows the outline of the AS Health and Social Care course as it will be delivered in St Patrick’s:

   Topics  Teaching Time
 Term 1

 Unit 2 Communication in a Care Setting

 Unit 3 Health and Well Being (Exam)

 6 Classes per week

 3 Classes per week

 Term 2

 Unit 1 Promoting Positive Care

 Unit 3 Health and Well Being (Exam)

 6 Classes per week

 3 Classes per week

 Term 3  Unit 3 Health and Well Being (Exam)  9 Classes per week


The learning objectives for each topic can be found in the CCEA Specification -


Past Papers with mark schemes for Unit 3 can be found here also.



Students will be provided with teacher hand-outs for all units.  All students must complete independent research on the internet using listed websites that they have been provided with for independent learning.



Summative assessment will take place through formal examinations in December and March and regular topic tests using past paper questions will be used to determine knowledge and understanding of course content of Unit 3.

Controlled Assessment/Coursework: Students are given guidelines for each task and must complete all sections. The deadline for Unit 2 is Monday 14th December 2015. The deadline for submission of Unit 1 coursework is Monday, 21st March 2016.


A2 Health & Social Care


Unit 7: Applied Research

In this unit you are required to carry out a small research project on a health or social care issue e.g. smoking, and present the results of your research.

Unit 9: Providing Services

In this unit students look at a wide range of health and social care services and the roles of people who work within them e.g. a health centre.  Students examine the role of the G.P., the nurse etc.  They also study the history of the Health Service.

Unit 11: Supporting the Family

In this unit students look at two families and produce two case studies of the two different families.  They examine their needs and what services meet these needs.  They also examine poverty and domestic violence and what support there is for families who experience these problems.


 Unit  Title   Mode of Assessment  % Assessment Weightings
 Unit 7

 Applied Research


 Internal Assignment  16.6% of A Level
 Unit 9

 Providing Services


 External Assignment

 2 hr Written Examination

 (Wed 18th May 2016)

 16.6% of A Level
 Unit 11

 Supporting the Family


 External Assignment  16.6% of A Level




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