Learning for Life and Work is an exciting new subject which prepares students with the relevant skills required in life and in the work place. It is a motivating qualification with a Northern Ireland dimension which equips students with the skills to become contributors to society, the economy and the environment.

Students will explore and express their own values and attitudes and develop their understanding of the challenges and opportunities of personal, social, cultural, political and economic issues through the study of real life situations. Students will learn the skills associated with critical evaluation, independent thinking and informed decision making.


Key Stage 3


Learning for Life and Work is a key component of the revised curriculum. There are four main strands:

  • Citizenship
  • Employability
  • Personal Development
  • Home Economics

The overall aim of the department is to develop the young person;

1. As an individual
2. As a contributor to society
3. And a contributor to the economy and environment


Citizenship KS3

In Y8 students explore Diversity and Inclusion as well as Human Rights, in Y9 students study Equality and Social Justice and in Y10 students focus on learning about Democracy and Participation.




The course consists of five teaching and learning units

The structure of the course is as follows:

  • There is a single tier of entry.
  • There are three written examinations which assess one of the three areas of study.
  • There are two controlled assessment tasks.
  • Unit 2 must be taken terminally.
  • At least 40% of the overall assessment must be taken terminally, therefore Unit 2 and one other unit must be taken terminally.

The table below offers additional detail on this GCSE course:

 Areas of Study  Assessment Units  Weighting

 Three areas of study:

  •  Local and Global Citizenship
  •  Personal Development
  •  Employability

 Unit 1 Report 1

A controlled assessment
task based on one of the
three areas of study
Internally assessed and
externally standardized

 Unit 2 Report 2

 A controlled assessment
 task based on a different
 area of study than that from
 Unit 1
 Local and Global Citizenship 

 Unit 3

Local and Global Citizenship Paper
45 minutes
A written examination based on the
Local and Global Citizenship area of study
Externally assessed


 Areas of Study  Assessment Units  Weighting

 Personal Development

Unit 4

Personal Development Paper
45 minutes 
A written examination based
on the Personal Development
area of study
Externally assessed

Unit 5

Employability Paper
45 minutes
A written examination based
on the Employabilty
area of study
Externally assessed

Each of the controlled assessment components must relate to the content of either Global Citizenship or Personal Development or Employability

Contact: Mrs P Dresen Martin




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