• Mrs Barr
  • Miss Hunt
  • Mrs Kennedy
  • Mrs Martin
  • Mrs Rice (Head of Department)

Located on the ground floor in rooms Maths1, Maths 2, Maths 3, Maths 4 and Maths 5 just down the end of the corridor past reception.

  • Higher level Mathematics is taken by all students to GCSE through a modular system (CCEA)
  • Some students may take GCSE Further Mathematics (CCEA)
  • A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are also studied in the sixth form (CCEA)



In all classes you can expect each of the assessments (1-4) throughout the year to be a test under exam conditions. You will be expected to demonstrate your learning through classwork, homework and tests.

Your teacher will encourage you to improve and set targets as a result of all three. In your end of year report your participation and performance in lessons will be commented on.  

There are awards for the highest in each year at the end of term 1 and 3 (after assessments 2 and 4). We like to send letters home for pupils who have worked hard or improved significantly across their assessments.


 Results 2015:  
 GCSE Mathematics  A* - C  99% 
 GCSE Additional Mathematics  A* - C   100% 
 A2 Mathematics  A* - C  97% 
 A2 Further Mathematics  A* - C  100%



Homework is expected to be set and completed by the following lesson for most mathematics lessons and the teacher will give a comment frequently in the exercise books to inform students of their strengths and helpful points for improvement will be made as and when necessary.

Grades are not given, rather advice as part of our ‘Assessment for Learning’ and ‘Marking for Improvement’ policies.


Numeracy Support

Mrs Martin is our numeracy support teacher; she supports some pupils who have difficulty applying the techniques needed for numeracy skills and applications across the curriculum. If you are in need of this support your class teacher will discuss this with you and the Head of Department will contact your Parents.  

This scheme has been proven to improve pupil performance in examinations but more importantly, their confidence and enjoyment of mathematics.


UK Mathematics Trust 'Maths Challenge'

Students in years eight and nine are entered for the UK Junior Maths Challenge and students in Yrs 13-14 are entered for the Senior Maths Challenge. You will have the opportunity to gain a Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificate and there is a ‘Best in School’ award also. Many students in previous years have been very successful and enjoyed the experience of applying their Mathematical skills in an unfamiliar context.



Useful Websites

We subscribe to See your teacher for the password and your personal login details. Every area of the entire curriculum is supported here and there are activities and online lessons to complete whereby pupils will receive an automatic score. Your performance will be gauged red, amber or green. By using these activities as revision pupils find their test scores and general performance in Mathematics is enhanced. Parents can access this information also provided the student has used their personal login details.

Links to local Universities – Schools of Mathematics


There are many online activities and a wealth of information in all of the curriculum areas on Moodle. Your teacher will direct you to this either to complete an activity, to access revision lists or for further topic guidance.


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