Developing the Whole Person

The staff of St. Patrick's strive to create a happy and nurturing environment which will promote the overall development of the whole young person, so that they can be the best they can.

The staff of St. Patrick’s takes pride in being the first school in Ireland to achieve Investors in Pupils status, in November 2013. The school embraces the motto of Investors in Pupils, ‘Because Every Child Matters’, the assessor noting ‘parents were very happy that their children were known and encouraged to develop as individuals and … able to achieve academic success, while at the same time experiencing an education which is wider than book learning’.   Students are indeed encouraged to maximise not only their academic potential, but also to foster the special gifts and talents they possess in other areas, for example, in sport, music and drama.

Pastoral Care


‘The pupils are involved fully in the pastoral care systems across the school, providing care for one another; in particular, the prefects, mentors and mediators are excellent role models to younger pupils and give high levels of support to teachers.’

ETI, March 2014

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